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20 Incredibly Cool Features Hidden in Google Search!


Google has become such an ingrained part of our internet experience that the name of the company has become an adverb. When you need to find out a nifty piece of information or the phone number to a local restaurant, you Google it. When you want to research for your doctoral thesis, you head to Google’s search page. However, Google is SO much more than just a simple portal for surfing the web. The Google search page is actually a feature-rich experience that can be entertaining to dive into. Today, we are going to look at 20 of the coolest features hidden within the Google search page. Are you ready to revolutionize your Googling experience? Let’s dive in!

20. Play Retro Video Games.

Retro Games Google Browser

Gamers young and old have an appreciation for legendary titles from years past. Did you know that Google actually allows you to play a slew of classic games right from your browser? Type in ‘Atari Breakout’ to the images search, ‘Pacman’, or ‘Zerg Rush’ into your search bar and press enter. Your page should be taken over by whatever game you typed in. Goodbye productivity!

19. Search for Specific Items.

google search feature specific items

Google’s searching algorithm is so advanced that you may actually end up acquiring results that are related but unrelated to your goal. In the case of books, movies, or TV shows make sure to put your search query in quotation marks. This will tell Google’s search engine to specify that you are looking for something specific.

18. Emphasize Your Search Queries.

google search features important

Traditionally, a web search on Google entails simply typing in your keywords and then sifting through the results. However, Google has an advanced algorithm that allows you to manipulate your search with hidden filters. Add the + sign before a word in order to stress importance or add a minus sign in front of a word to completely negate it. Say that you want news about the San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 but don’t want 2017 results, simply type -2017 at the end of your query. Simple!

17. Operate a Quick Calculator.

google search features calculator

Maybe you don’t have access to a calculator app or maybe you just need to reel off a quick equation, either way, Google has your back. All you have to do to turn your search engine into a calculator is to type out your equation. Use the +, -, *, /, and ^ symbols like you would normally and let Google take care of the rest. This won’t replace your handy calculator, but we can’t even say how many times we’ve used this in a jiffy.

16. Clarify Ambiguous Search Phrases.

google search Clarify ambiguous search phrases

Do you know the first and last word of a book’s title? Are you struggling to finish a lyric that you heard in the car? In Google’s search bar, merely type out what you remember and replace what you can’t recall with an asterisk like so, *, and let Google take care of the rest. For example, ‘Harry Potter and the * Stone’ would yield a ‘Sorcerers Stone’ as a corresponding result. The asterisk tells Google to hone in on the specific word you are missing out on.

15. Translate Any Language.

google search translate

Well, almost any language. Simply type in the two languages that you want to use and press ‘enter’ so that you can be sent to the translation page. For example, “Spanish to English” would yield you a translation page where you can type in a Spanish word and see it represented in English, or vice versa. You can even physically draw a word with their online pencil device if you aren’t sure how to input it via your keyboard. This is definitely handy for people traveling around the world.

14. Solve your Geometry Problems.

google search features geometry solved problems

Geometry isn’t easier for everyone and fortunately, Google is here to help. In order to solve your Geometry problems, all you need to do is type “Solve ____” and then fill in the blank with whatever shape you are working with. The search page will transform into a representation of the shape with forms for you to fill out the equation. Where was this when we were in school?!

13. Narrow Results to a Single Website.

google search features in website

Some domains already have a website-specific search bar for you to explore, but many do not. In order to focus all of your search queries onto a single website, you simply need to know a little formula. If you ONLY want results from ESPN, for example, you would type: “ keyword” with ‘keyword’ representing whatever it is that you are searching.

12. Real-time Graph Creation.

Google Graph Creation

Following our mathematical trend, we’ve even found Google useful for charting out graphs in the blink of an eye. Merely take to the Google search engine and type “Graph for ____” with the blank space being dedicated to whatever it is you want to graph. Google is making math easy and for that, we salute them.

11. Multiple Searches at the Same Time.

google search feature multi searches

If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, you can tell Google to focus on two queries. Merely separate your two queries with an “OR” or “AND” signifier and let Google do the rest of the work. The algorithm will sort out your results for you, thus allowing you to really get to the heart of what you are looking for.

10. Make your Results Personal.

google search personal

If you have a backlog of flights or trips and you want to dig into the information, it can be a pain to find it all. Instead, Google lets you customize your search results in order to make them more personal. Go to Google and type something like “My Reservations” in order to find your latest dining reservations. “My Flights” will yield your latest airline purchases. Experiment with the personalization and you’ll be surprised by how much info you can purloin from the search field. Don’t worry though, nobody else can access your personalized results.

9. Find Suggested Websites.

google search related

Let’s say that you are a huge fan of a fansite for the TV show ‘Stranger Things’ and you want to read more. Obviously, you could click around Google and find all of the top-level websites to peruse but you’ll never find the real juicy content. Instead, let Google do the work for you. Simply type, “” and be amazed as your page fills up with results that you might otherwise not have gotten an opportunity to find.

8. Convert Currency.

google search currency convert

Whether you are planning a trip out of the country or merely want to do some financial analysis, Google has your back. All that you need to do is head to Google and query your initial currency and then add in whatever currency you want to convert it to. For example, “10 USD to GDP”. This is particularly useful if you are trying to see how far your money will go during a trip out of the country. The currency conversion calculator can get pretty addicting and if you aren’t careful you’ll soon find yourself converting your native currency to every random currency on the planet. Just imagine how wealthy you could be elsewhere!

7. Tip Your Waiter the Perfect Amount.

google search features waiter tip

We’ve all had that moment of hesitation when the waiter hands us our bill and waits for us to fill in the tip field. We know the general rule, 15% at a minimum and 20% at least for good service, but what about specifics? Let Google handle all of the work by typing in ‘tip calculator’ to your search page. You’ll be greeted by a customized field that allows you to enter your bill, the number of people eating with you, and the percentage that you want to tip in order to calculate how much each person needs to chip in.

6. Track Your Package the Easy Way.

google search features package tracking

If you have a tracking number, all you need to do is punch it into Google. Google will instantly map the tracking number to all of the carriers in their search engine before delivering you the correct solution. If your carrier doesn’t come up, for whatever reason, type ‘track package’ and then re-paste your tracking number. With a little bit of work, you’ll be able to get all of the details regarding your package.

5. Set a Quick Timer.

google search features timer

If you are like us then you spend a lot of time on the internet and that means time can quickly get away from you. Let Google keep you focused on setting a personal timer. Type ‘Google Timer’ into your search bar and you’ll be greeted by a custom field that shows a blank clock. Type in how long you want the timer to last and then click ‘start’. When your timer hits 0, you’ll end up with an alert sound that brings you back to focus. Who knew that Google could be so flexible?

4. See What Pages are Linking to Your Website.

google search features link

If you run your own website, you might be curious as to who is accessing it or linking to it. By going to Google, you can immediately begin to find these answers. Simply type, “” into the search bar in order to get your results. Google’s analytical algorithm will search out any places where your URL is being fed traffic from. This can be immensely useful if you want to control your reputation, see who is talking about your business, or merely snoop on what people think about your products.

3. Specify a Date-range for Your Results.

Date range in google search

You might be writing a research paper or simply looking up a specific period of a celebrities life. No matter what your reasoning, it can be nice to specify the time frame of the results that you are looking for. Going to Google’s search bar, click the ‘Tools’ button. Here you can set a specific date range as to what results show up. If you want to forego clicking buttons like a peasant, you can instead just type “2012..2017” with the two years being the range that you want to focus on. We can already see a myriad of reasons as to why this would be useful.

2. Find Up-to-the-minute Stock Information.

google search stock information

If you like to take care of your stock portfolio, then Google could be one of your primary tools. If you are looking to invest or merely want to check up on your older investments, you can use Google’s search bar to get up-to-the-minute information. All that you have to do is type in the ticker symbol for the company that you are interested in. You’ll find stock prices, market trends and visual aids that tell you everything you need to know. You can even tailor your results to look at an extensive history of the company, as well.

1. Check Your Flight’s status.

Google Flight Status

If you’re sitting in the airport on your second delay, you might want to know what’s going on. Or, probably more commonly, if you want to check in on a family member’s flight then you probably want to head to Google. All that you need to know is the number of the flight in question. Google will take that information and pull up information directly related to your flight, such as departure and arrival time and any gate information that is available.