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Minecraft Creator, Markus Persson’s $70 Million Home


Markus Persson – Minecrafts’s creator became a billionaire after his video game studio was sold for $2.5 billion. He bought a mansion for an unbelievable price of $70 million with unique features like an infinity pool, very expensive décor, eight bedrooms and fifteen beautiful bathrooms. The mansion is 23,000 sq ft in size.

Although, the $70 million dollar paid for the house is below the asking price, but it was still enough to outbid other rich folks like Jay- and Beyonce. The house is also furnished with a garage that can accommodate 16 car in the event that the owner is a car lover.

The mansion has a living room that speaks ‘class’, with the leather sofas and chairs exclusively made by Bentley which cost a whopping $500,000. The mansion is also well engaging for candy lovers with a candy wall that cost $200,000 to stock, having 25 different kinds of candy.

The mansion is also equipped with an 18 seat home theater, and a 24 place settings dining room that cost $3,700 dollars each.

Basically, the Minecraft Creator’s $70 Million Home is the definition of class and luxury.