Tori Roloff: First Child’s Incurable Diagnosis & More Saddening Family Troubles


Tori Roloff, the star on the reality TV show Little People, Big World has brought a beautiful baby into the world. Just like his father, the newborn son was diagnosed with dwarfism. Tori’s initial reaction was as long as her newborn son is healthy, then all of her worries would disappear. Little did she know, her troubles were just starting.

Zach Heart Tori

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After dating for four years, Zach got down on one knee and popped the question. Not long after, the couple officially became husband and wife, and nobody was happier about this than they were. Although Tori was overwhelmed with joy, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she would be judged for her below-average-height husband, but her time on Little People, Big World showed her that there were more important things to worry about than what other people think.

The Big Announcement

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Amidst the craziness of the Roloff household, Zach and Tori had some pretty exciting news to share with his family and the world. They announced that their first child would be coming into the world. They understood that the baby might contract the same genetic condition is Zach which they addressed in en episode in 2016. To Zach, what was optimistic and took everything in stride, said if the baby inherits his genes, he’ll be “just like me.”

Plunged into Motherhood

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For the first time ever, Tori Roloff had a baby to take care of. Of course, she was excited about her new role as a mother, but she was also quite nervous about changes her life would have with a baby. However, even as she soldiered on, nothing could have prepared her for what happened next.

It’s in the Genes

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Like most people with the condition, Zach and Matthew Roloff had their fair share of obstacles in life. Zach had to undergo multiple surgeries while still a child. As for Matt, his diastrophic displasia required that he receive constant medical attention. Luckily, Amy’s achondroplasia wasn’t as much of a problem for her growing up. It truly is amazing seeing how the Rollofs manage to complete such challenging tasks around their farm.

A Match Made on the Farm

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When Victoria, who prefers going by Tori, had first worked on the Roloff farm, viewers instantly knew that Zach and she had a type of chemistry beyond normal friendship. After four months of working together, Zach plucked up the courage to ask her out. Tori knew immediately that Zach was her real-life soulmate, but she couldn’t foresee what sort of struggles she would face.

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm

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Due to the show’s success, in 2012, producers made a spinoff of Little People, Big World. This time, the show focused on Amy and Matt’s shared dream of becoming wedding organizers. Although their dream was the central focus, the show did touch on general family issues from time to time. Meanwhile, ratings for the original reality show were skyrocketing, leaving the spinoff in the dust. After only one season, Wedding Farm was canceled.

Rising Tensions

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It wasn’t long before the success of the reality TV show would interfere with the casts’ daily lives. Jacob, the youngest of the Roloff clan, decided not to be a part of the show any longer. His main concern was being portrayed as something that he genuinely wasn’t. He told reporters that the people you see on TV aren’t the real Roloffs – they’re characters who have nothing in common with the real people. Jacob hated being characterized as something he wasn’t and stayed away from the cameras.

Exchanging Vows

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With the camera crew ready to roll, Zach and Tori tied the knot for viewers to watch from their TVs. They exchanged wedding vows on July 27, 2015, in front of more than 100 friends and family members. The Tori and Zach wedding was the second to take place on the show after Jeremy, Zach’s twin brother, married his long-time girlfriend Audrey. Viewers were delighted to see the Roloff family expanding so quickly, but things were just getting started.


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Although Tori lent a helping hand on the Roloff farm, she was a kindergarten teacher by trade. Her time in the classroom taught her a lot about how to deal with children – an experience she would soon implement on raising her own. In the beginning, Tori was saddened to bid farewell to her career, but she was also excited about the prospect of raising a little Roloff of her own. She vowed to return to the classroom one day and introduce the baby to her students.

A Predictable Predicament

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Tori was well aware that there was a high chance her baby would be diagnosed with dwarfism like her husband. Zach’s condition is technically known as achondroplasia, the same as his mother. In May 2017, they received the news from their doctor that their child would contract the condition, but this did nothing to dampen their high spirits of becoming the most loving parents ever. But as excited as they were, there were a few obstacles the elated couple would have to face.

7-year Milestone

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Before giving birth, Tori and Zach had been together for seven years. Tori celebrated the moment by posting on her Instagram. She wrote that Zach, her better half, was the source of her smiles every day. She also prayed that she could become a better wife. Not long after the post, Tori and Zach welcomed their baby boy into the world.

The Divorce

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Tori and Zach’s wedding was as beautiful as anybody could have hoped, but their marriage wasn’t the only thing that stunned viewers. Amy and Matt, loving parents and business partners, decided to call it quits. The news of their divorce was out of the blue; nobody could have predicted that they would separate after 30 long years together. Despite their separation, Amy and Matt insisted that their family would remain the center of their lives, and their farm was not going anywhere.

Lending a Helping Hand

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To Tori and Zach, they would forever remember May 12, 2017, as the happiest day of their lives. On this special day, they said their first hellos to their newborn son, Jackson. Their doctor’s diagnosis was correct – Jackson was born with dwarfism. But true to character, Zach didn’t find any problems in their beautiful son. Although Jackson’s condition may inhibit his physical abilities, Zach wanted to raise his child right. Your disability is not the key to instant success. You have to work hard and earn it.

Sharing the Good Vibes

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Tori and Zach never considered Jackson’s disability to be a burden. Tori was always willing to share important milestones together with Jackson on her Instagram page. She kept her followers updated on everything she could think of concerning her son. Her followers’ feeds were soon filled with pictures of one-month-old baby Jackson, him eating, and watching soccer with daddy.

The Hardest Thing about Motherhood is…

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From Tori’s Instagram page, you might have thought that her new role as a mother was going along without the slightest hiccup. However, in one of her posts, she shared what she described as the biggest challenge she had ever faced. For Tori, breastfeeding Jackson was harder than she originally thought. Plenty of mothers have gone through the same problems with breastfeeding as Tori, and they offered her tons of support and words of appreciation for being honest about the subject.

Unleashing the Truth

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Tori continued to share her problems with breastfeeding with her followers. Although it’s a natural process, it didn’t come naturally to Tori. During her appointments, people would constantly ask her how breastfeeding Jackson is going. She was also deeply disturbed about how breastfeeding has become stigmatized. Her followers were amazed to learn how open Tori was on the subject. She received praise from numerous people, saying that her brutal honesty gave hope to mothers across the country.

A “Pack” of Roloffs

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Tori initially had reservations about having multiple children, but after Jackson was born, she changed her mind completely. She and Zach had agreed that building a bigger family was important and began making plans. In an interview with Us, Zach spoke of wanting four or five children – a little pack of Roloffs. But they didn’t want to force their plans. If it was meant to be, it would come to be. And it just so happens…

Pregnancy: The Sequel

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…that Tori was pregnant with baby #2! Not long after the interview, Zach revealed that he and Tori were expecting another child. After receiving the wonderful news, the couple took a beautiful photo in the middle of an idyllic field, posing with the sonogram of their second child. But it wasn’t just mom and dad who were excited.

Big Bro Jackson

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Jackson jumped into the photoshoot to join in the celebration. Now two years old, Jackson knew enough to be excited about his mother’s pregnancy. Tori and Zach were overjoyed that Jackson would soon become a big brother to a little sister. They even got him an adorable T-shirt to wear for the photo op imprinted with “Big Brother.” Fans were worried that Tori’s struggles with motherhood would prevent her from wanting more kids, but her cheek-to-cheek smile was enough to dispel these concerns.

The BF Stigma

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Breastfeeding has become an issue of debate as of late. Tori and an uncountable number of men and women question why the natural process of feeding your child is “taboo.” The social stigma of breastfeeding has created a dilemma for new mothers. Breastfeeding in public is frowned upon, but their children need to eat. This results in total and utter confusion regarding how to “properly” feed their children.

Nationwide Debate

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The stigma surrounding publically breastfeeding a child is based on the ridiculous rule that exposing a breast, even to feed a child, is “indecent exposure.” Previously, 49 states across the US had legalized public breastfeeding, but Idaho jumped on board in 2018. Although it’s completely legal, people may find it offensive, and mothers are often found on the receiving end of public shaming.

“Why Should I Feel Awkward?”

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As soon as Tori gave birth to Jackson, she took up an interest in advocating public breastfeeding. Tori talked about how natural breastfeeding is but also the awkwardness of doing it in public. She is not the only woman to speak on the subject, but many women are instantly shut down before they can have their say. Tori’s role as a public figure has helped amplify her voice for all people to hear.

Step by Step

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Most of Tori’s followers on Instagram know of her hardships in breastfeeding Jackson. Although she was having a difficult time, she did not give up, and she hoped for women across the country to be assertive. In the end, her confidence and boldness paid off. Her experiences and difficulties have brought Jackson and her closer together. Formula may provide the nutrients that a growing baby needs, but breastfeeding creates a bond that you won’t find in any bottle.

Thumbs Up for Tori!

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Tori has been commended for voicing her opinions on the ongoing issue of public breastfeeding. One user left a supportive comment for Tori, saying that nobody should feel ashamed or degraded for nursing their child. Tori’s Instagram posts were swarmed with positive feedback from her followers.

Praise from the Pros

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Even medical professionals have taken time out of their busy schedules to offer a few words of support for Tori. A nurse wrote on Tori’s page, saying that there are efforts in hospitals to eliminate the stigma regarding breastfeeding, but it’s more of a dream than a reality. As long as the stigma exists, mothers have to deal with more postpartum depression problems than they may have originally expected.

Not Just Tori

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Tori was the most vocal Roloff to speak of her struggles of pregnancy and motherhood, but she wasn’t the only one. Audrey, Jeremy’s wife, was also experiencing several problems during her pregnancy. Her biggest challenge was juggling raising a baby whom she loves with all her heart and her business which needs her in the front lines.

Asking for Help

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Audrey posted a message on Instagram asking her fellow mompareneurs how they manage it. Audrey’s greatest fear was balancing being a mom and a business owner – two projects that require 100% of your attention in order to grow healthy. She also said that certain sacrifices had to be made, but she uncertain how to face the facts. Her post aimed to seek reassurance from other businesswomen, but she was absolutely astounded by the feedback she received.


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An overwhelming number of responses came from fellow mothers and businesswomen. They acknowledged that running your own business while changing a baby’s diapers can be a huge burden to carry on your own. Balancing the two requires sacrifice, but things will ease up as time goes by. Although still supportive, a large number of her followers told Audrey to prioritize her daughter over everything else – her business was self-sufficient and could take care of itself. Nothing could ever replace a mother.

Support from the Stars

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Tori was not the first TV persona the unleash her honest opinion on the stigma of breastfeeding. Many celebrity mother shave had to deal with the backlash and how awkward things can get their son or daughter is hungry. Social media has become the greatest platform to quickly and easily voice your opinions – something that A-lister celebrities like Gisele B√ľndchen and Chrissy Tiegen have done in the past.

The Merry Pair

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Although Tori and Zach have had a few bumps along the way, nothing could ever take away their infinite love for Jackson. They’ve received a fair share of criticism – something that any public figure will experience – but they took it on the chin and moved on. Tori has taken advantage of social media and her reality star status by attempting to eradicate the plague of breastfeeding stigma. Although Tori’s pictures on Instagram are all smiles, nobody really knows the struggles you’re going through.

Positive Portrayal

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Fans instantly fell in love witht he cast of Little People, Big World, and the show has become one of TLC’s largest hits. TV critics also had positive things to say about the show and how to portrayed those with dwarfism. The reality show warmed the hearts of countless people across the globe by showing how relationships are built, and fans were also brought to tears after learning that a 30-year-long marriage was ended. Despite Jacob’s criticism of the show, it never felt like emotions were forced or people were exploited. The show’s uplifting message will stay with its viewers for a long, long time.

A Teaching Experience

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It was apparent from the beginning that the larger-than-life family had a lot to share with the public. When offered their very own reality show, the Roloffs jumped at the opportunity. TLC pitched the idea to them, focusing on how their daily lives could teach the world at large about dwarfism. There was nothing in the media that put a spotlight on their condition, and the Roloffs decided that things needed to change. They became overnight celebrities, and fans were flocking to snap a selfie with them.

Star Status

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It’s not a secret that Tori and Zach were famous because of their tenure on the reality TV show. What captivated audiences worldwide was how the show shed some light on fully functioning people with a condition that many people joke about. But not everybody in the Roloff household was born with dwarfism. Jacob, the youngest, and Jeremy, Zach’s twin, were born without any form of the condition.

New Love

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After their separation, Amy and Matt made a mutual agreement that it was time to meet new people. Matt found love in Caryn Chandler, a romance that was in the making for several years. What most fans don’t know is that Caryn was deeply involved with the family business and eventually took control as the farm manager. She spent a full decade working with the Roloffs, and Matt has immensely enjoyed every second of her company.

Separation Speculation

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Fans had mixed feelings about Matt and Caryn’s relationship. Some speculated that he was secretly cheating on Amy, and this was what ended their relationship. But what shocked viewers the most was learning that the new couple was on the verge of splitting up. An online report showed that Caryn was no longer employed on the farm. However, Matt took matters into his own hands and addressed the rumors directly, saying that it’s “fake news” and he and Caryn were still together. But fans would soon receive even bigger news.

Another Baby?

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Roloff followers were stirred into a frenzy after seeing a video of Tori sporting baggy clothes. It seemed that Tori was expecting another child, and viewers were thrilled! They shared their joy through Tori’s Instagram, but Tori addressed these rumors immediately. She said in a post that she was not pregnant, that she enjoys wearing baggy clothing, and she also said that asking whether a woman is pregnant when she isn’t could be damaging.

Close Call

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Not long ago, Tori’s had an extremely close call after a car accident. Jackson was in the car with her during the collision which totaled the vehicle. Thankfully, mom and son got out of the car unharmed. She shared a picture on Instagram of her and her family kneeling beside a brand-new minivan with the caption “Everyone is fine!”

Is Jackson Safe?

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Followers on social media were beside themselves when Tori posted a photo of the family in Maui. One photo showed Jackson without a life jacket, and the public was quick to criticize them for being negligent parents. But Matt quickly responded by posting a photo of Tori with Jackson in a neon-orange life jacket. Jackson would don the life jacket only when venturing past the coast.